Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Management Information Systems

Complete Education and IT Support (CEAITS) provides full Information Technology Support for both Educational Institutions and Cooperate Sectors. Our Management Information Systems are built on the latest IT Techniques and are free from BUGs & ERRORS. We provide quality support after its sale services. In case you have lack of technical staff, we also provides its services on REGULAR BASIS.

Features of MIS


A key measure of the effectiveness of CEAITS's MIS is its accuracy and reliability. The accuracy of the data it uses and the calculations it applies generally determine the effectiveness of the resulting information. .


The information a manager receives from an MIS is relevant and accurate, thus help the administrator to take particular decisions he has to make. For example, if a manager has to make decisions on which employees to cut due to staff reductions, information on resulting cost savings is relevant, but information on the performance of the employees in question is more useful. 


MIS output must be current. Management has to make decisions about the future of the organization based on data from the present, even when evaluating trends. The more recent the data, the more these decisions will reflect present reality and correctly anticipate their effects on the company.


Our MIS presents all the most relevant and useful information for a particular decision. If some information is not available due to missing data, it highlights the gaps and either displays possible scenarios or presents possible consequences resulting from the missing data. Management can either add the missing data or make the appropriate decisions aware of the missing information.

Here is a list of Management Information Systems – CEAITS offers for its valuable customers. Just CLICK your relevant MIS and the LINK will lead you all relent detail and LIVE DEMO

  • Entry & Stock Management System

    • An Over View
    • Feature
    • Live DEMO
  • Financial Management System

    • An Over View
    • Feature
    • Live DEMO


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