Saturday, December 22, 2018


Knowledge is another trendy looking modern website template designed for educational institutions and online course offering websites. With the intuitive design of the template, you can clearly explain about your institution and the unique features you have. Since texts are also treated as a part of the web design, you have clean looking bold fonts which is easy to read. This is a mobile responsive website out of the box, all the web elements are scaled perfectly to work perfectly on all small screen devices. The creator of the template not only scaled the web elements properly but also arranged the web elements logically. This logical arrangement helps the user to get the important contents easily.
Video contents are one of the must-have elements in the modern web world. In the default design of this template itself, you have space for adding video links and video players. It is a multi-page template, in all the subpages you have an advanced search bar to let the user easily find the courses they want. The footer section of the template is made big enough to put all your page links and small widgets.

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