Saturday, December 22, 2018


With big content blocks and sections, the Academica template gives the precise information to the users. Though the homepage of this template is not as long as the Genius template mentioned above, it uses modern web elements effectively to let you more contents within the given space. Since this template is designed for online course offering websites you have price tags in this template for the courses; you can easily edit them to fit your needs. Customize line vector icons are used in the template to elegantly depict the services you offer. In between the sections in the homepage, you have testimonial sections to show some positive review of your schools. You can even use this testimonial space to showcase some of the awards received by your school.
In the top navigation bar, you have space for user login and registration links. This template doesn’t include a login form in its package. But don’t worry, we have collected some of the best free login forms with cool designs. Other useful features in this template are animated counters, native support for multimedia contents, and smooth animation effects.

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